Purple dress from Dearliprice: 149 yuanavailable colours: plumavailable sizes: one size

Purple dress from Dearli
price: 149 yuan
available colours: plum
available sizes: one size

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Taobao Mens’ Shops 

Anon requested menswear, so here are some shops I found.
I hope you find what you were looking for <3

Taobao Men’s Shops:















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price: 89 Yuanavailable colours: red/blue/ivory, red/blue/brown, orange/blue/brown, blue/brownavailable sizes: M, L, XL, XXL

price: 89 Yuan
available colours: red/blue/ivory, red/blue/brown, orange/blue/brown, blue/brown
available sizes: M, L, XL, XXL

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price: 119 Yuanavailable colours: greenavailable sizes: M, L, XL

price: 119 Yuan
available colours: green
available sizes: M, L, XL

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price: 79 Yuanavailable colours: navyavailable sizes: 38-43 (38 = S, 43 = XL)

price: 79 Yuan
available colours: navy
available sizes: 38-43 (38 = S, 43 = XL)

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Anonymous whispered:
For a request if you could find mens clothing particularly shirts, basics like baseball tees and long sleeve plaid shirts? I'd really appreciate it!

Hi :)

Yaaay, my first request! (And this despite my 4 month hiatus ._.)

I’ll post some shirts on here in the next few hours as well as make you a post with links to taobao mens’ shops that look trustworthy and have decent prices.

Let me know if you liked it or if you were looking for different types of shirts/tees :)

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Hi folks :)

I just noticed that there are now 50 people following this tumblr!

Thank you so much!

If you have any suggestions or request, please let me know.

love and kisses <3

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price: 15.11 Yuanavailable colours: white, orange, brownavailable sizes: one size

price: 15.11 Yuan
available colours: white, orange, brown
available sizes: one size

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price: 95 Yuanavailable colours: dark blueavailable sizes: S, M, L

price: 95 Yuan
available colours: dark blue
available sizes: S, M, L

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price: 149 Yuanavailable colours: dark blue, purple, pinkavailable sizes: S, M, L, XL

price: 149 Yuan
available colours: dark blue, purple, pink
available sizes: S, M, L, XL

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